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Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London (OFAAL)  has been successfully having its external examination over the past 18 years in the UK as well other European countries.

History of Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London (OFAAL)

Initially the examination was conducted only for WLTS students.

Having seen the demand from the students other than from WLTS, the examination was extended to external students during 1995.

The trustees also realised, the value of providing the examination to the children who are living outside the homeland i.e. without the theoretical knowledge, this ancient divine fine art would perish in the long term.

The Institute (OFAAL) does not intend to make any money out of the examination, rather providing this examination as a means to promote the value of the music to the young generation.

Currently, the examination is conducted in the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Norway and Denmark.

Over 10000 candidates were tested during 2012 examination.


OFAAL syllabus is set in two languages, in English and in Tamil.

OFAAL syllabus is divided into eight grades, and a title of “Kalajothy” is awarded to those students, who complete the eighth grade (Diploma) following the the title of "Kalaratnam" is awarded to the successful Post-Diploma candidates.

Exam syllabus is designed taking into account of the children, who do not have the same surrounding as the children who are born in India.

The Examination Process

The theory examination and the practical examination are conducted in two different days, for the benefit of the children.

There is no written theory paper for grade one and two – theoretical knowledge is tested orally.

The examination papers are set in two languages, in English and Tamil. Candidates are free to answer in whichever language they are comfortable with.

Independent experts in this field set the examination papers.

The practical knowledge is tested individually, by two examiners.

The Value of OFAAL to the society

OFAAL examination promotes the cultures and values to the younger generation.

OFAAL examination provides guidelines and direction to the teachers in teaching the fine arts to their students.

OFAAL examination’s certificates are recognised by many private and grammar schools in the UK.

OFAAL examination certificates are considered as part of the students’ academic career.